Friday, February 27, 2009

Frida Friday... It's fun again!!

Ok, there was a bit of controversy over whether I should share the secret of Frida with our HUGE audience, but I decided that what is my duty as a "blogger" if not to enlighten. So here it is: the best (I mean it, BEST) tequila out there is called Frida Kahlo tequila. Those of you that know me know I've tried a LOT of tequilas, and this one is the big winner!

And that brings me to my favorite weekly "meeting": Frida Friday! Tradition states that if you wake up every morning, go into work, and spend all day being super productive... you deserve to finish the week (perhaps a tad early?) drinking Frida! Yes, this might be part of the reason I tend to be asleep before 8:00 PM on Fridays, but I tell you... it's well worth it :)

HEADGEAR - it's FUN again!

(Dude - nobody ever looked THIS cute with headgear!?) I was thinking to myself - "Jage, what's fun again?" & i thought - stuff that you wear on your face that is like totally helpful for either correcting your bite or for not crashing into another car while talking and driving is pretty fun - again. That is what led me to share the thought with you - my beloved "followers". I hope that you can take a moment to remember a time when YOU had headgear or to earlier to today when you put that (nerd alert!) blue tooth in while driving or walking...
thank you and good night.
I love you

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dirty Dancing: It's fun again!

OK, I'm not talking about dancing dirty (although that's definitely fun again too!)... I'm talking about the best movie ever. Seriously, it has everything: summer romance, coming of age, a LOT of music montages... and some seriously good dance moves!

While I first fell in love with this movie over 10-year-old sleepovers (it was SO naughty!), I'm here to tell you that Dirty Dancing is, very much so, FUN AGAIN! In case you've forgotten, here's a little refresher for you (plus I just wanted to take our blog to the next level: embedded video!)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's fun again! (That's what she said)

This is hard. I might just have to blow this off.

(sometimes short and sweet is best... right?)

Chinese food in WALLA WALLA - it's fun (once a year) again!

Maybe i should's not really Chinese food in Walla Walla that is "fun again" - it's really the fact that you can enjoy an evening of karaoke (a tradition in the Chinese culture where people gather at a bar and get loaded and choose songs from a skanky white binder and there is laughter) with some of your favorite people as well as a neat group of locals who can sing at a terrific little spot called the "Golden Horse". *after 7 hours of wine "tasting" (i call it wine "drinking") i sometimes forget "golden horse" and call it "golden dragon". Either way, it's a darn good time.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Breaking down the meaning of "again"... it's fun again!

I know there's been a LOT of discussion (at least between Jage and me) about what we mean by "again", when we say something is fun again. So I think I need to clarify...

There are two ways that something can be fun again: first, when something was fun, then stopped being fun, and then started being fun again. For example, hair crimping.

Then, there are things that never actually stopped being fun, but they keep being fun again every time they happen. Like pillow fights, for example. They never actually stopped being fun, but next time you have a pillow fight, you'll see that it is indeed fun AGAIN!

Get it?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Jam... It's fun again!

Jam. It's fun again! Or is it jelly? Does anyone really know the difference?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Using acronyms for everything... I.F.A.!!!

OMG, when my BFF, JJ, and I decided to start this blog, I was LMAO! I mean seriously, ROTFL. Because really, WTF do we have to blog about? But, IMHO, there's a lot that is fun again... like acronyms!

FWIW, my favorite thing about acronyms is that they make me sound smarter... everything from work (I'm currently working on NFS CPCC) to fun thinks like BJ's! Sorry, TMI.

Whacking pinatas! IT IS FUN AGAIN - and don't let anyone tell you different

um yeah. i don't know if you realize this YET - but this whole "blog" situation is a shameless excuse to post really rad photos of Reba and i in various costumes...
NO! NEVER. Really, what is important here is that Pinatas (a colorful animal filled with candy and other surprises) are under-rated and, you guessed it! FUN again!!! I suggest, actually, strongly recommend that you go out, maybe to Costume & Display in Northgate - and pick yourself up one of these cuties (2) pick up a gigantic bag of your favorite treat and (3) fill the little bugger up for your next fiesta! i am willing to bet that nobody will be dissappointed to see that you've gone through the effort to spice up an otherwise dull party.
Happy blogging to you!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Denim: It's fun again!

Obviously Jage and I think denim is fun again... we've been wearing it "again" every single day for as long as I can remember! But that's not the only reason denim gets the first shout-out on our blog...

Jage saw an ad proclaiming "Denim - it's fun again!", and we were laughing about how really, what isn't fun again? And how could you not buy something that's making a fun come-back? And that, dear readers, is what inspired this whole blog!

So let's hear it for denim... from "professional" jeans to the beloved denim swimsuit, it's always fun again!

blogging! it's fun again?

so, for a gal who's never "blogged" before - it may be odd to be blabbing on about how blogging is fun again. With that being said - i will NOT blab on about it. I am going to simply say this - a LOT of things are "fun again" that may have not been fun for a short (or long) period of time & that is exactly what i (and my partner in crime, Reba) intend on elaborating on within this genius website! I hope you enjoy reading about and adding your own delightful topics that are fun AGAIN. FUN - it too, is fun again.