Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Breaking down the meaning of "again"... it's fun again!

I know there's been a LOT of discussion (at least between Jage and me) about what we mean by "again", when we say something is fun again. So I think I need to clarify...

There are two ways that something can be fun again: first, when something was fun, then stopped being fun, and then started being fun again. For example, hair crimping.

Then, there are things that never actually stopped being fun, but they keep being fun again every time they happen. Like pillow fights, for example. They never actually stopped being fun, but next time you have a pillow fight, you'll see that it is indeed fun AGAIN!

Get it?


  1. and, btw: that was SO fun, except the part where i was trying to look "natural" while being photographed mid-pillow swing.

  2. AND...next slumber party, I'm totally crimping my hair. and wearing my makeup like I did in the 80's. oh! we could have an 80's slumber party! wait, is that just weird...?