Thursday, February 19, 2009

Whacking pinatas! IT IS FUN AGAIN - and don't let anyone tell you different

um yeah. i don't know if you realize this YET - but this whole "blog" situation is a shameless excuse to post really rad photos of Reba and i in various costumes...
NO! NEVER. Really, what is important here is that Pinatas (a colorful animal filled with candy and other surprises) are under-rated and, you guessed it! FUN again!!! I suggest, actually, strongly recommend that you go out, maybe to Costume & Display in Northgate - and pick yourself up one of these cuties (2) pick up a gigantic bag of your favorite treat and (3) fill the little bugger up for your next fiesta! i am willing to bet that nobody will be dissappointed to see that you've gone through the effort to spice up an otherwise dull party.
Happy blogging to you!

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