Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Chinese food in WALLA WALLA - it's fun (once a year) again!

Maybe i should's not really Chinese food in Walla Walla that is "fun again" - it's really the fact that you can enjoy an evening of karaoke (a tradition in the Chinese culture where people gather at a bar and get loaded and choose songs from a skanky white binder and there is laughter) with some of your favorite people as well as a neat group of locals who can sing at a terrific little spot called the "Golden Horse". *after 7 hours of wine "tasting" (i call it wine "drinking") i sometimes forget "golden horse" and call it "golden dragon". Either way, it's a darn good time.


  1. The Golden Horse, it's one of those color bars they have in WW. The Blue, The Green, The Red (well, The Red closed years ago). I could go on, but I don't remember any more.