Monday, March 23, 2009

CANADA - it's fun (and delicious) again!

Oh, Canada! Why do you produce the most tasty snacks ever? And why have we, your culinarily inferior neighbors, not caught up with your genius snacking options?

I've compiled a list of a few favorites that so far I've only found in Canada:
  • Muchies: Frito Lay swept their factory floor into a perfectly balanced bag of cheetos, pretzels, doritos and sun chips!
  • Poutine: Mashed potoatos topped with french fries topped with cheese curds topped with gravy. 'Nuf said.
  • Candy: They put the "can" into candy! I always find some gems up there, like this "Mr. 2 Big" bar that's been in my junk drawer for about a year now... just can't bring myself to eat it!
  • Moose cock
So go ahead... break out a Can 'o Da snacks!!


  1. Whoa, You can't just throw "moose cock" out there, without an explanation/description!

  2. OK, for those "anonymous" readers that have been living under a rock... :)

    Two Canadians are hanging out together.
    Canadian 1: "Do you want to play a game of 20 Questions?"
    Canadian 2: "Sure!"
    Canadian 1: "OK, I'm thinking of something..."
    Canadian 2: "Is it something I can eat?"
    Canadian 1: "Um, yeah... I guess so!"
    Canadian 2: "Is it moose cock?"
    Canadian 1: "Yes!"

  3. I DO live under a rock and you just made me feel bad about myself, bless your heart


  4. Aww, Anonymous. I didn't mean to imply that living under a rock was a *bad* thing. I kind of felt bad for that... until you said to bless my heart, and now I feel a lot better. Thanks!

  5. Following an insult with a smiley face is similar to the "bless your heart" thing, huh? (Just an observation. Please don't insult me, I can't take it anymore, serious)