Wednesday, March 4, 2009

SEO: It's fun again!

We're currently ranking at #112 for "it's fun again" in google (and interestingly enough, google analytics tells us we've gotten 3 visits from the keyword "headgear", although I can't even find us ranking for it at all). Anyways... we want people to find our blog, and our current search engine rankings are dismal.

So... I'm excited to announce that we here at It's Fun Again are naming a new SEO play! Code named "Snakes on a Plane 2", our goal is to rank in the top 10 google results for "it's fun again". Lofty, yes. But doable, I think so... with your help!

We need you (yes, you) to link to our blog! Do you have your own blog? Or website? Or linkedin profile? Anywhere really... just throw in a link to! A shining example of some great linking can be seen at these really kick-ass sites: HookedOnCelebrities and HookedOnReality... thanks Lyle!

If you do link to us, let us know, and tell us what you would like us to make fun again... we'll happily blog about ANYTHING that you want! We're link whores like that... :)


  1. Has anyone seen "Skanks on a plane 2"? It's kind of the same plot as the Snakes one - but less snake more skank.

  2. Less snake more skank... it's fun again!