Saturday, March 14, 2009

SPARKS! It's fun again!

I first discovered Sparks through my highly-cultured friend Kathi. It's an alcoholic energy drink that makes snowboarding more fun. You drink a nice tall, ice-cold can of it to start your day out, and you're on the top of your game!

Interesting fact: I was just doing a tiny bit of Sparks research (yeah, I take this whole blogging thing pretty seriously) and discovered that, while the original Sparks ingredients included 6% alcohol, caffiene, taurine, ginseng and guarana (and something cool that makes it bright orange!), the caffeine part is being taken out of the recipe due to a ruling this past December in the name of "public health". Hello... what about mental health, people??

This change might not have taken place yet (the Spark's FAQ page hasn't been updated with this missing, crucial ingredient), so I highly encourage all of you to go out and fill your garages with enough caffeinated Sparks to keep it FUN AGAIN for many snowboarding seasons to come!


  1. SPARKS!!! oh sweet sweet sparks. how i do love thee to start off a morning of swooshing too and fro on a snowy hillside - a brilliant concoction, but the idea of having to pour sparks into my coffee to get my caffiene now is completely retarded. WTF?

  2. Melissa Belt introduced my brother to Sparks in August of 2008 and he's not been the same since. He's better, brighter, and you know what? MORE FUN.