Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The office prank: it's fun again.

I was just reminded of my love for a good, clean office prank (or revenge there of... watch your back Hernan!). Nothing spices up the work day, and instills a sense of anger and paranoia in your coworkers, like a well-executed office prank!

You really need to work with your resources and know your audience, but here are a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing:
  • Filling/covering a person's office/cubicle with [fill in the blank with your favorite material]
  • Rendering a person's computer or phone useless through the use of clear tape (e.g. taping bottom of mouse or hang-up button on phone)
  • Replacing person's computer and monitor with similar-shaped objects (e.g. microwave and toaster)
  • Sending "private" e-mails from a person's unlocked computer
  • And of course the old classic "acid in the water cooler" trick ;)


  1. another good one: hide an alarm clock in your coworker's office ceiling and set it to go off every day at 3pm. just make sure the battery is fresh so it doesn't run out mid-prank :)

  2. Um yeah, the battery actually died before even going off once... real clever!