Sunday, March 1, 2009

TP'ing Houses. It's fun again!

I have to admit, this is my first claim to something being fun again that I've never actually done. But... I really WANT to TP someone's house! Here's the problem though: I don't currently harbor enough resentment towards anyone to put them through the (I would imagine) excruciating task of picking bits of TP out of their landscaping for months to come.

So that's where you come in, dear IFA readers... I'm officially auctioning off my and Jage's services to TP someone's house for you! Did someone make fun of your mom? Or eat your last twinkie? Or call you an asshole? Now's your chance to get back at them! You just let us know what it's worth to you... highest bidder gets revenge!

We'll even disguise ourselves as twins so no one can trace us back to you... :)


  1. I got $5 for you to TP my boss's house while she's away for a month. Wait. If you'd do it the day that she gets back it would be best. That way she'll have to clean it up and not her housesitter. And what a fine welcome back that would be. So fun!

  2. Oh, and will you let me know if someone outbids me, so I can take a collection in my office.