Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Using a "SLASH" to describe stuff - it's fun again!

You might wonder/ask yourself - "why is using a slash SO fun?" Well have you even ever tried/experimented with it? The reason i like/love using slashes - is cuz like you can 'splain yourself in like two/three/four different ways in like one easy payment - I mean sentence!

Last night over snacks/Prosecco/girl talk and The Bachelor Finale viewing (OMG!) - a really awesome "slash" example came up...maybe i'll save it for tomorrow/Thursday - just to keep you reading/laughing.

You really should/will keep reading our blog!

(I said "a" slash - NOT "Slash"...c'mon people!)

1 comment:

  1. Although this makes me think we might need a post about Slash too... he's pretty fun again!